Ortho-K Lens Care

Insertion and removal videos:

GP Lens Care and Handling

Instructions on Ortho-K lens cleaning:

  • Gently rub the lens with the Refine One Step solution, and then place the lens into the basket.
  • Care must be taken to not press or squeeze the lenses excessively during handling as this may lead to lens distortion and breakage.
  • Fill the container with the Refine One Step solution to the marked level.
  • Insert the basket into the container and screw the lid closed.
  • During the following 6 hours the platinum disk catalyst will neutralize the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into an isotonic saline solution in addition to oxygen gas (O2).
  • The O2 gas will escape thru a pressure valve in the top of the container leaving the lens soaking in the saline solution.
  • After the 6 hours of neutralization period the lenses are safe to be re-inserted into the eyes.
  • Replace the cylinder case with each new bottle of solution.
  • If desired, rinse lenses with a preservative-free saline solution before wear.

It is important to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide has been completely neutralized (by allowing at least 6 hours of soaking) before placing the lenses back into the eye.  Failure to do so will result in severe chemical burn to the cornea.

In addition, you must perform a deep clean of your Ortho-K lenses at least once a month using the Progent treatment.

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