Jared V” (11-y-o)

“dr. chang

the ortho-k is going great right now.  i have no issues with putting them in or taking them out anymore.  everything at school is so much clearer!  i now know what is on the board so i now know what i need to study for.  i’m really enjoying this and i can’t imagine what it would had been like with contacts or glasses.  i am glad i am doing this.


thank you”

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Melissa M.

“I love my new Synergeyes contacts!  Dr. Chang was great at explaining the whole process to me.  She alleviated all of my hestiations that i had based on past, uncomfortable experiences with the “hard” lenses.  From the start, they were so  comfortable and I joked about my “Hi Definition” vision with new lenses.  Patience was definitely needed on Dr. Chang’s part as we worked through getting them just right.  I would highly recommend not only Synergeyes contact as well as the fantastic support from Dr. Chang.

Thanks again!!!”

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Dawn G.

“I was recently fitted for SynergEyes Hybrid lenses and since I have started wearing them, I have experienced the best vision in years.   Prior to being fitted for SynerEyes Hybrid lenses I was experiencing difficulty seeing well.  I am an active person who enjoys skiing and playing tennis and have always found it difficult to see on low light winter days or to see the tennis ball accurately.  I was even having difficulty seeing at night while driving.

Dr. Chang was patient and extremely knowledgeable and competent.  After two or three trial prescriptions, I was fitted at last with a great lens that have made a huge difference in my vision.   The first time I played tennis with my new lenses, my team mates commented on how much better I was playing.  I could finally really see the ball!  It is wonderful to have such improved vision.  I didn’t know what I was missing but now I can’t imagine life without them!

Thank you Dr. Chang!”

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